Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anwar's second session with ACA

Jul 21, 08 10:21am - Malaysiakini

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is at the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) headquarters in Putrajaya this morning to continue being questioned on his police report alleging fabrication of evidence regarding his 'black eye' incident in 1998.

MCPXAnwar arrived at the ACA headquarters at 9.50am accompanied by his lawyers R Sivarasa and Param Cumaraswamy. Also with them was his chief of staff Ibrahim Yaacob.Anwar was questioned for two hours last Wednesday before being arrested while on his way home, an hour before his 2pm appointment with the police on sodomy allegations against him.He was released on police bail the next day.The opposition leader is just back from a three-state roadshow - Malacca, Pahang and Johor.
The ACA is investigating the July 1 police report filed by Anwar accusing Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail of fabricating evidence in his trials 10 years ago.When Anwar was arrested on Sept 20, 1998, he was taken to the Bukit Aman federal police headquarters where the former deputy premier was beaten by then police chief Abdul Rahim Noor, resulting in a black eye and injuries to other parts of his body.At that time, Musa was the investigating officer of the charges against Anwar while Gani was the chief prosecutor.Anwar wants fresh investigationsAnwar said that the original medical reports done by a number of doctors were ignored.
"The medical reports concluded that the injury inflicted on me was consistent with an assault," he added in his police report.However, Anwar claimed that instead of accepting the reports and prosecuting his assailant, then attorney-general Mokhtar Abdullah - in collusion with Gani - asked another doctor, Dr Abdul Rahman Yusof, to allegedly fabricate a second medical report.Anwar said he believed both Musa and Gani were present at Bukit Aman on the night he was assaulted by Rahim and that both had 'concealed' the assault.
"I believe both Musa and Gani Patail were actively involved in the procuring of the second undated report by Dr Rahman," he said.Anwar called for a fresh investigation into the alleged fabrication of evidence, which is an offence punishable by up to seven years' imprisonment.The ACA has stepped in to investigate the allegation as both the police and attorney-general's chambers are implicated in the matter.Both Musa and Gani were questioned by the ACA on July 1.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

'I was stripped naked, my private parts examined'

'I was stripped naked, my private parts examined' (Reported by Malaysiakini)
Jul 17, 08 2:55pm

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said he was stripped naked and his private parts examined during the physical examination yesterday at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

“When I was brought to the hospital, I was stripped naked for tests and had my private parts examined,” he told a packed 30-minute press conference at his house hours after he was freed on police bail. “They also measured the necessary parts,” he quipped.Anwar added that he refused to have his photographs taken “as they could end up on YouTube”.
According to the PKR de facto leader, he also refused his blood to be taken during the medical examination.Anwar, a former deputy premier who seeking to mount a political comeback after being sacked and jailed on sodomy and corruption charges a decade ago, was arrested by balaclava-clad police commandos in dramatic scenes yesterday.
He was taken to police headquarters and underwent a marathon six-hour questioning session before being escorted to the hospital for a medical examination.The arrest was over allegations that he had sodomised 23-year-old former aide Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan.


Arresting Anwar - BN scores own goal
Ong Kian Ming and Oon Yeoh Jul 17, 08 3:13pm

Barisan Nasional has a knack of scoring own goals. If there was an anti-Sun Tzu handbook on how to advantage your enemies, many of the BN's plays would be in there. The latest own goal scored is the decision to arrest de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Perhaps it is BN's penchant for scoring own goals which is one reason why Anwar is trying to topple the government sooner rather than later. Yesterday, we had discussed how Anwar might have overstretched himself in his quest to take over power.In a way, it was not that surprising that Anwar has chosen to try to form the next government as quickly as possible. If we put ourselves in his shoes, the political calculations become more apparent. He has to strike while the iron is hot.If Anwar were to wait patiently for the next general election to come around and try to win power through that channel, he would have to wait another four years or so, depending on what transpires within Umno in the interim.
The BN, as well as the opposition, were surprised by the electoral outcome in this year's election. Everyone expected the BN to lose perhaps as many as 40 seats but not 82. As such, the full weight of the state was not used in the run-up to the elections.There is no guarantee that the BN will not do everything in its powers – including using all sorts of dirty tactics – in the next elections to win back a two-thirds majority and the states of Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor.Anwar is well aware of this possibility, having witnessed or perhaps even overseen some of these acts himself while in the BN.
Fortune favours the boldRight now, Umno is in a precariously weak position. Its president is an ineffectual leader who just oversaw the worst electoral result in BN's history and still refuses to step down. His deputy, who is also his greatest political rival, has been politically neutralised with a scandal hanging over him.Furthermore, the current state of voter disenchantment with the government is still running high, especially after the recent petrol hikes. The government is also scoring one own goal after another.Why not take advantage of the current situation and try to topple the government? There is no guarantee that these favourable factors will still be present in four years' time.It has been said that 'fortune favours the bold'.
Anwar has certainly been 'lucky' in his bold attempt to take down the government. The BN itself is guilty of providing Anwar with additional political momentum each time he has faltered.They failed to call his bluff that he had enough crossover MPs to form the next government when they refused to allow the debate on the motion of no-confidence in Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to take place.If they had allowed this, although it would set a precedence of allowing the opposition to successfully table a motion, it would force Anwar to show his cards, so to speak. Does he or does he not have the numbers?If Anwar indeed had 30 MPs in his pocket, why did none of them stand up to support this motion? Instead, the BN chickened out, giving people the impression that they were scared of Anwar.Cops need Chua Soi Lek-type tapeThere are more examples from recent events.
The massive roadblocks that they set up on the day the motion was supposed to be debated is clearly an own goal. The ensuing traffic jams – which stretched from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Shah Alam only served to further fuel public anger against the government.Nobody blames Pakatan Rakyat for this. When the drivers stuck in a jam on the Federal Highway, they don't see opposition supporters on the roads. They see policemen inconveniencing them for no particular reason.Then of course, there is the latest and stupidest own goal: Arresting Anwar. This is the best way to generate sympathy and headlines for Anwar domestically as well as internationally.
The manner in which the police went about this investigation was an overkill to say the least. From going to his house with more than 10 policemen just to pass Anwar a court order, to interrogating him for six hours, to requiring him to go for a medical check-up, to detaining him overnight – all these are actions reminiscent of 1998. Even if the police believe that Anwar is guilty of the sodomy allegations, they must know that without a smoking gun, whatever evidence they think that they have against him will not be deemed credible in the public's eye. Circumstantial evidence may sometimes be enough to convict someone in court but in the court of public opinion, nothing less than a Chua Soi Lek-type videotape will do.Make no mistake, this is not any normal criminal investigation.
The political leaders within BN and Umno must realise the high political costs of going after Anwar like this without incontrovertible proof. But perhaps not knowing any other way - except how to use the blunt instruments of state power - the BN has once again scored another brilliant own goal.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Raja Petra arrested, on way to court

Popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has been formally arrested and is being taken to the Jalan Duta court complex.

He is expected to be charged with criminal defamation under Section 500 of the Penal Code in relation to allegations in his statutory declaration that implicated Rosmah Mansor - wife of deputy premier Najib Abdul Razak - in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu
Accompanied by two lawyers and his wife, Raja Petra told reporters earlier outside the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters that he was in the mood to fight.

"I'm in the mood to f*** the government. What more do you want me to say?"
Raja Petra and his lawyers went into to police headquarters at 10am.

His wife, Marina Lee Abudullah, is worried that Raja Petra would decide not to pay bail and decide to be held under police custody.

"This is a bailable offence. I hope he does not surprise me again and do not take bail."
Two months ago when Raja Petra was charged with sedition for publishing an allegedly seditious article entitled 'Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell' in his Malaysia Today website, he refused to post bail.

He was eventually released from Sungai Buloh prison after bail was posted three days.